Services offered by Dr. Crockard


Expect an enthusiastic and personal commitment from Dr. Crockard as you explore your academic opportunities, establish goals for your future , and dream your dreams. She has a unique set of experiences in all areas of school life – in the classroom, teaching English, speech communications and acting for grades 5th through college, as a debate coach, a theatre director, a school administrator, a world traveler, college counselor, and student of colleges – all of which she brings to bear as she works with students and families.

Academic Coaching

Coming from an educational background, academic coaching is an integral part of Dr. Crockard’s college advising work. Since a successful high school career is key to a positive college application process, Dr. Crockard helps and encourages all her students to take the following steps that are not limited to high school success, but translate into life skills:

  • Define personal strengths and interests
  • Understand the influences of personality traits and learning styles
  • Set and meet personal goals for the high school years in and out of the classroom
  • Engage academic tutors for support when needed
  • Make thoughtful high school curriculum choices with college in mind
  • Improve writing and interpersonal communications skills
  • Maximize summer time for personal growth and mutual benefit to the school and community

ACT and SAT Testing Strategy

Approaching the ACT and SAT, Dr. Crockard stresses that while testing is an important part of the college application process, making a high score on these tests is not the reason students are going to high school nor should it intrude on their education or the balance of their social lives. Like every step in the application process, it is tackled when the time comes. Students can engineer success by choosing the most suitable test, prepping before any and all tests, and taking them at strategic times.

  • Take advantage of diagnostic tests such as the Aspire from ACT and/or the PSAT from the College Board
  • Choose the one test you will do better on and focus on that test.  For some students, it is a harder call, and they may be taking both tests
  • In the beginning of junior year overlap the testing schedule with a personal schedule of activities and map out the best testing dates through June
  • Work with a one-on-one tutor who can be of help over the course of all tests
  • Take your prep work seriously and it will pay off

College Advising: Research, Applications, and Admissions

Students begin their work with Dr. Crockard as early as 9th grade and as late as the summer before 12th grade. Earlier is better, since it gives everyone the luxury of time to get to know one another, to research and visit colleges, to select the most appropriate curricula, and to establish a realistic testing plan. One of the most important criteria to consider when deciding when to start is not the grade level, but actually when the student is ready to commit to the process. Dr. Crockard engages with her students as individuals; she strives for this time to be enlightening and exciting rather than daunting and stressful. She has found that the more students understand and take charge of their college application tasks, the better the outcome and the more gratifying the experience. Of course, parents and wise advisors are important, but at the end of the day this is a decision about the student’s future and the student must be informed and committed to make that important decision. Over the course of the senior year, it will be extremely important to the student’s success to meet all of Dr. Crockard’s deadlines and to work closely with the college counseling office at school.

So, whether a freshman or a rising senior these are the basic tasks of the college advising process:

  • Build on items listed under Academic Coaching
  • Understand college application terminology and timelines
  • Research colleges and universities and their special programs
  • Match colleges to personal dreams, goals, personality traits, and academic abilities
  • Develop a comprehensive résumé for college admissions and job interviews
  • Plan for campus visits and admissions interviews
  • Set and Implement testing and prep strategies for the ACT and/or SAT
  • Identify and apply to appropriate scholarship and honors programs
  • Complete school-specific applications and the Common Application
  • Write grammatically sound, authentic, and creative college essays
  • Complete the financial aid applications for need-based aid, if appropriate, using the FAFSA and the CSS Profile,
  • Make the final college decision by May 1 of senior year

Significant Availability

Stay informed and do not hesitate to call on Dr. Crockard for any question or concern. She is available.

  • By appointment in her offices in Birmingham, AL and Lexington, VA
  • Via email, text or phone essentially 24/7 when needed
  • Willing and eager to answer questions and address concerns as they arise