Dr. Crockard gets results


Offering much more than college placement assistance, Dr. Crockard invests significant time and energy building relationships with her students and their families. With a lifetime spent in education and over 25 years of experience in college counseling, she is uniquely qualified to support her students as they research and apply to colleges; while encouraging them to ask hard questions about what they want from their college education. Her goals for her students are not limited to “getting into college”, but include focusing on and fostering their individual talents, interests, and dreams for the future. Having worked with over 800 families, she knows that when a student understands the application process, is clear with personal goals, and completes tasks at the appropriate times, unnecessary stress and strain can be avoided. Offering a personalized approach to college advising, it is her goal to make this work positive and productive for everyone.

"With the help of Dr. Crockard, our daughter… is enrolling in the fall at a place that is perfectly suited to her interests and talents. The return on the investment that we made in this process is way beyond our expectations. I would not hesitate to give Kim our unqualified recommendation for anyone who wants to purposefully chart their child’s future with a seasoned professional."

Parent, Asbury College

"Having experienced the care, concern, and support of Kim Crockard as our older son’s college counselor, there was no doubt that we wanted the same level of commitment for his younger brother’s college search. Kim’s depth of knowledge of individual colleges and the demands of the process is immeasurable. Her recommendations of colleges for her students to research are based on providing the best “fit” at the highest level for each student. Expectations for success are always clearly stated, and she guides the students through the process with a realistic timetable for essays to be completed, tests to be taken, and applications to be filed. When all is said and done, it is a joy to see your children thrive in college."

Parent, Washington University, St. Louis Trinity University, San Antonio

"I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy Ole Miss and how right you were about it! It is truly the only place I could ever see myself and wake up every day enthused about being here. I love everything from the campus, Greek life to my classes. Thank you so much for your persistence because you were right. Without your recommendation, I would not be in such a great place."

Student, University of Mississippi

"Thank you for all of your guidance and support during the stressful college application process. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all of it without you! You truly have a gift for helping kids…"

Parent, Vanderbilt

"Thank you so much for all of your encouragement throughout this year. Your “late night chats” and advice have been invaluable. You have been so generous with your time, so kind, so faithful, and so good to me and my family. I couldn’t have done this without your guidance."

Student, Furman University

"A simple letter cannot fully express how thankful I am to have had the opportunity of working with you. Looking back on the application process, it was truly the most stressful yet rewarding months of my life. I don’t think I would have been as successful, let alone survived, without your help and guidance. Thank you for dedicating your life to helping kids like myself, achieve their goals and more."

Student, University of Chicago

"By spending time getting to know our daughter and her aspirations, Dr Crockard was able to tailor a personalized, detailed approach to the college selection, application and decision-making process. Even after all acceptance decisions were received, Dr Crockard stayed engaged with our daughter and proved invaluable in helping our family arrive at the best college choice for our daughter."

Parents, Duke University

"I have known Dr. Kim Crockard for about 16 years. She was a Teacher, College Counselor and ultimately High School Principal for my two sons, who were ultimately admitted to many highly selected colleges and universities across the country. While naturally pleased with the work she did with my sons and our family, this is not the only reason that I have the highest regard for her abilities. After she left her position as a high school college counselor and opened her educational consulting practice, Dr. Crockard and I committed to design and implement a college counseling program at an inner city high school. For three years, we provided comprehensive college counseling services to the most disadvantaged high school students in the county, if not the state. The high school had a 55 percent dropout rate and scored an average of 16 on the ACT. But the Superintendent, the High School Principal ,and some parents wanted more for their students that wanted more and were willing to work at it.

Prior to this work, less than 20 percent of the graduating students attended four year colleges, none out of state. In previous years, the graduating seniors had only earned $250,000 as a group in scholarship funds to attend college, in its best year. At the end of our three years, scholarships earned by the entire class of 2008 increased from $250,000 to $5 million. But more importantly, students were accepted with full scholarships and attended some of the most outstanding colleges in the country, including Duke University, Vanderbilt University, Smith College, Scripps College, Barnard College, Kenyon College, Mercer, and the University of the South, just to name a few. Two students were designated Gate Millennium Scholars. They went where their dreams and hard work took them. And, Kim was with all of these students, not just the most motivated, every step of the way. She helped students obtain waivers for application fees, testing fees and secured private sector funding for the students to attend summer programs at universities and colleges across the country so they could better understand the opportunities that were available for them.

Through Dr. Crockard’s tireless efforts on their behalf, the lives of these students were not just figuratively but also literally transformed. Their life trajectories were completely changed. They have entered an academic world that was as far as the earth from the moon to their high school experiences."

Parent and Colleague, United States Naval Academy, Dartmouth College

"I want to thank you for the great work you did with our daughter. Everything you did…was perfectly on target. We could never have helped her have such a smooth and successful application process."

Parent, Loyola, New Orleans

"Engaging Dr. Crockard to help our son navigate the college application process was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Dr. Crockard’s schedule of when each step of the process was to be completed took the pressure off our family, and ensured that everything was timely, completed before the holidays and semester exams. We were impressed that Dr. Crockard was genuinely interested in our son. He had many great options and definitely chose the school best for him."

Parents, Skidmore College

"How can I ever begin to thank you for everything you have done for me? I don’t think I could have survived senior year without your guidance and support. You have helped me become a more creative and confident writer… I actually think I could truly enjoy writing college essays now! I had some big decisions to make towards the end of the year, and I remember our many conversations about picking the “right” college. You taught me that sometimes you have to look beneath the exterior to truly discover where you are the most happy."

Early Medical School Acceptance Program (EMSAP) Student, University of Alabama, Birmingham

"Your counsel and expertise have been invaluable to me this past year. I treasure not only the work that you and I have accomplished together, but also our relationship. Thank you for everything."

Student, University of Tennessee, Haslam Scholar